Grateful for Recent Shows

I'm very grateful to have had the chance to show some of my paintings around town despite the Covid resurgence the last few months.  

At "Welcome Back" (October-December), a group show centered around the theme of re-opening, I had the incredible opportunity to exhibit Fresh Bread on Parchment and Home Office at the Gallery inside the Manhattan Borough President's Office. The show was curated by Jean Sonderand.

Posing with Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President
At W83 Gallery (November-January), five of my paintings hung as part of "A New Day", a group show curated by Eva Ting, celebrating the city's return to life.
The show featured Cherry Blossoms on Cabrini, So Much Depends on a Yellow Wheelbarrow, The Great Hope, Part 1, The Great Hope, Part 2, and 187th Street Stairs. It was an honor to show my work alongside fellow NYC artists, Amy Lee and Christa Lopez.

Most recently, local coffee shop favorite, Buunni Coffee (located on Pinehurst Avenue) graciously hosted eight of my works during the month of January, my first solo show ever.

I am especially grateful for these opportunities despite Omicron and it seems people were hungry for images of local and familiar subject matter.

Thank you for stopping by my shop. I hope you may find a piece of art that speaks to you and inspires you. 


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