"New and fresh, Francis captures the essence of the neighborhood."

Jay Hargis, collector


"I was taken by Francis's beautiful paintings on first sight. I love the way he captures everyday life in various New York City neighbourhoods, and in particular, the play of light and colour in these places."

Eric Lee, art appreciator


"I have known Francis for many years. Our oldest boys were in school together up until 8th grade. I was so impressed when he first started sharing his artwork, I had no idea. I love the focus he has on our neighborhood. I am so happy to have the two pieces that I love. The ice cream truck and the sunset on Chittenden!"

Perry Longno, collector


"Our new office feels like home with the stunning painting capturing the 181st Street corner, reminding us of the bustling cityscape we once gazed at through our windows. We could have not asked for a better painting to be housed at our conference room."

R. Fernandez, corporate art owner


“I worked with Francis on a custom piece centered around a childhood memory. While he’s clearly an incredibly talented artist, I was most struck by his efforts to understand my story in order to translate it into a stunning painting.”

I.L., custom art owner


“Francis was responsive, flexible, timely, kind and overall a pleasure to work with! Plus I love my original piece from a local artist!”

C.B., custom art owner


“Having lived in Washington Heights for years, I have come to ignore some of the splendor of the neighborhood. But seeing my neighborhood through Francis’s artwork renews that enchantment and my love for the Heights.”

M.F., collector


“To be honest, it’s even more stunning at home than what I remember at Buunni Coffee. The use of colors and reflections of light bouncing from the wall is sublime."

L. Jones, collector


"When I see Francis Hsueh's artwork of everyday ordinary things, such as the sunlight shining on mailboxes, a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, a loaf of bread, soda bottles, the flag by the school, I am astonished how much I had overlooked! It's right in front of me, but I didn't take note. I am delighted to benefit from the artist's eye. And it makes our lives richer for it."

Susan Chan, collector


“With each of Francis’s paintings, I eagerly anticipate his unique perspective of the world, marveling at the beauty he captures in the cityscape, and I’m continually touched by his artistry.”

P. Butman, collector


“Francis’s scenes are at once familiar, nostalgic and haunting. Devoid of people, they focus on the sometimes overlooked landscapes of everyday life; for me, they evoke a specificity of my own personal experiences in the neighborhood.”  

V. Spalten, collector 


“Francis's images capture the great natural and accidental beauty of our neighborhood—kind of like he was tapped into the dream life of the place.”

B. Brown, collector


“Francis's art is created to make you see what you feel. So grateful to have this artist's aesthetic captured on paper.”

L. Gitelson, collector